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The Canary

Posted by Cullin on September 1, 2008

If there is one thing I have learnt from dealing with my father for the last 19 years, it’s that promises don’t mean shit. You have to examine the person’s history before you can know anything about what they will do in the future.  Sort of a canary in the coal mine, if you will.  Yes, some people do change, but that’s so rare you might as well assume it doesn’t exist.

Barack Obama, and his Obama-nation, have been making pretty hefty promises and speculation about what he would be able to do as president. He’s set such lofty goals as creating inter-party unity, bringing change to the way politics are done in this country, solving the energy crisis, and yes, even lowering taxes. The truth is, Obama’s history has absolutely nothing that would support the claims that he would do any of these in the future.

Never has Barack reached across party lines to see anything to fruition, always moving in line with the liberal interest. (It’s on the 24th page) This man didn’t even think that a bill that would guarantee medical help for babies that were born alive after an abortion attempt was decent enough to vote against his party on. The baby is alive outside of the womb and has a good chance of living if he or she receives care. If that isn’t life, then neither is anyone alive who needs any form of emergency medical care.

This kind of party loyalty ensures us that he will not be the almighty one who is going to transcend partisan politics as usual, as he likes to call it. He claims to be this great reformer, but ever trusting in the democratic party and the sages there in, he turns to Joe Biden as a running mate. Biden is a man who knows his way around Washington, he has spent many years there building the alliances and learning the game. But, isn’t this exactly what Obama promised us his presidency wouldn’t to be about?

Obama expects us to believe that he will be able to magically fix the energy crisis. While, I don’t believe that we’re really having a energy crisis, it’s just that we have too many government regulations keeping us from attaining energy. I do believe that Obama will just perpetuate more of the same problem that we’re having with energy today. He has been opposed to off-shore drilling, nuclear energy, wind energy, and every other type of energy that didn’t go into his Chicago machine. We can’t solve this problem with more air in our tires, and that’s the only thing he has supported with a plan so far.

He plans to create a system for universal health-care, more access to higher education, and create better social security retirement; all with a tax cut for 97% of middle-class Americans. In all honesty he might cut taxes; at a rate of 1 percent for every 10 percent he raises them. There has never been a tax hike this guy didn’t like. He’s been raising taxes like it could potentially benefit his paycheck, oh wait, it could. Obama is not going to lower taxes and complete all that he wants to do, there is simply no way to cover these costs.

Really, it won’t be the end of the world if Obama is elected. It’s not going to be the end of anything. Classic liberal tax and spend, paying homage to your superiors in the party, and a slow, but consistent chipping away of our liberty as government ever-more decides to think for us, will be just the same as always.

No change, lost hope, broken promises


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