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Diddy provides case against Palin as running mate.

Posted by Cullin on September 1, 2008

Watch as Diddy weighs in on McCain’s decision of Sarah Palin.  He offers such arguments as, “you are buggin’ the fuck out,” and my personal favorite “Alaska? Alaska?  Alaska? Alaska?”


2 Responses to “Diddy provides case against Palin as running mate.”

  1. Well with arguments such as “Alaska? Alaska? Alaska? Alaska?” It’s hard not to go for Diddy’s ~savvy political persona~…oh wait, I have a brain.

    His marketing crew really needs to tell him viral videos are annoying and nonsensical.

    Good post.

  2. Randall said

    It’s good to see that persons with mental retardation can really make something of themselves here in America. What an idiot! Such diction, such tact, such a mind. This video makes me want to go back to bed and try to wake up again. I hope that Obama puts him up in front of his campaign. If this is change, I don’t want any part of it. A kindergarden education would do this guy some good.

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