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Gustav’s Effect on East Texas

Posted by Cullin on September 1, 2008

Trae and Tori, two evacuees at Lufkin High School

Trae and Tori, two evacuees at Lufkin High School

As twenty-five hundred people made their way into Lufkin area evacuation shelters, plus countless more to hotels, on the eve of the land fall of Gustav, I had an opportunity to talk to a small group of evacuees who were much delighted with our emergency preparedness.
One woman, Trae, I was able to speak with offered her views on the latest evacuation of the Gulf coast.  Although never happy with having to leave her home, she was pleased with how well this evacuation worked.

“We had to evacuate during Rita, and at that time we had no access to Red Cross and we didn’t know where to go,”  she said, “but this time we already had contacts and they told us exactly where to go.”

Having being forced out of her home before, she knew exactly how difficult this procedure could have been for her and the thousands others who had to get out of the way, saying she was “glad it was easy going this time, it was hard during Rita.”

Referring to the general confusion and infrastructural damage that many East Texas evacuation shelters had to deal with during the last round of major hurricanes in the region.

Buses ready at Lufkin High School

Buses ready at Lufkin High School

Being prepared to leave and actually leaving early was a large factor to the success of the evacuation she believes.

She said that Rita, if nothing else, was a learning experience and that “you don’t take it for granted,” stating that everyone in the Gulf coast region should be ready to evacuate at any moment and that even tropical storms should be taken as a serious possiblethreat.  She went on to explain that ever since Rita she has kept a suitcase with clothes in a closet by her front door.

As the first few drops of rain from stray storms resulting from Gustav start to hit, it is a time for us to remember the tragedy that came in the wake of the Katrina and Rita hurricanes.  And, we should not allow those lessons to go unlearned.

The front line of Gustav in Lufkin

The front line of Gustav in Lufkin


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