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Weak attacks from dems, see also “I want to believe”

Posted by Cullin on September 1, 2008

When you don’t have anything substantial to argue against a candidate, you start pulling out the conspiracies.  Which has most definitely been the case for the last three days, since Gov. Palin was chosen as McCain’s VP.  At first, the dems tried to criticize her for being too inexperienced, but when they realized that they were acting as the proverbial pot who goes around calling names, they had to dump any sort of real, logical arguments and go straight for the wacked-out theories and scandals; involving anything from the governor in a bikini to her daughter already having a child.

This barrage of insanity started with what was so lovingly called “trooper-gate.”  Of course, this fell through, because allegations of her misuse of power were incredibly ill-founded.  She had appointed the man to the position (meaning that she was completely within her right to remove him for absolutely no reason if she wanted to, however, this man wasn’t doing his job correctly and needed to be removed ) and she was even gracious enough to offer him a different position and a chance to redeem himself upon removing him.

In an odd, but strangely interesting move.  Those hopeful of discrediting Palin in some silly way have been trying to find pictures of her in a swim-suit, assuming that this would in some way make her less able to lead.  Of course, these are the same people who thought nothing of Obama in swim wear, which just reeks of gender based discrimination to me.

Especially disturbing lately is the amount of time and effort these left-wing tin-foilers have been putting forward to allegations about Palin’s latest pregnancy.  With the not-so-elegantly named Gov-Palin-is-not-actually-pregnant-and-is-in-fact-trying-to-cover-up-for-her-daughter-who-got-knocked-up-but-is-ashamed-of-it-and-fears-what-it-could-do-to-her-and-her-mother‘s-future-gate.  (Yeah, I don’t know who came up with that name)  But, it’s really a terrible argument for some sort of discrediting cover up.  Also, Bristol Palin, the daughter in question, actually is preggers, and there are no cover ups about it.  And, being the result of unprotected-premarital sex, I can really appreciate her decision to keep the child.

Of course, this pales in comparison to the terrible accusation that Alan Colmes made, and then tried to cover up, that Gov. Palin actually caused her child to have down-syndrome by not taking proper prenatal care.  I thought liberals were supposed to be compassionate, not assholes.

All in all, it’s pretty clear that no one can actually put forward any sort of issues based criticism of Gov. Palin, or maybe they’re just not trying because they don’t really completely comprehend what the democrats have told them to believe.  Comparing a real reformer to one who’s just paying lip-service, real change to the same old and tired democrat platforms, it’s obvious that many dems are finding themselves up against a wall and are resorting to the most ridiculous claims to try to escape.


One Response to “Weak attacks from dems, see also “I want to believe””

  1. The left will literally say ANYTHING…they’re afraid of McCain-Palin, they’re desperate AND they’ll rely on horrendous rumors and sexist remarks to try to bring Palin down.

    She’s really an amazing woman.

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