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I randomly decided to google “Obama Action Wire”

Posted by Cullin on September 2, 2008

It’s all about energy this time.  I’m glad that this one is just misleading the public, rather than trying to silence the media, kudos for being less terrible.

Anyways, this of course starts off trying to link McCain with Bush, which is far more of a stretch than McCain saying that drilling in America will lead to lower cost of oil (which it will, the Obama campaign calls it a stretch because they use the term “dramatically” in their rebuttal).  They continue to “stretch the truth” when they imply that Obama is beyond partisan politics. (check the ADA rankings, I don’t think he’s ever voted against the liberals, note that when he doesn’t vote, it leads to a lower ranking, but that isn’t a vote against the party.)

On to the actual policy in their article. While Obama is against a federal gas tax holiday, he is also in favor of raising taxes on oil.  Translation: not only is he against lowering the price for you at the pump, he wants to make it more expensive.  He wishes to do this so he can give 500 dollars to each adult person.  This won’t really help you, especially if you have children.  Note, that to pay for this nonsensical program, he has to increase the price of gas, when the already high price of gas is the reason for the program.  Also, it provides no extra benefit for parents, who will obviously have to drive more than individuals without children.  It’s really just another way the democrats are trying to buy your soul.

He of course attacks those who made a profit from oil trade as evil, because it just seems to make sense that they only make a profit by taking advantage of the rest of us.  Simply isn’t the case, while speculators may have raised the price of oil per barrel, it would be almost nothing compared to the raise in price due to increased demand from developing countries and the decreased production from OPEC.  In reality, the only way to fix this problem is to provide a new source of oil.

And, he quite successfully points out that the majority of the increase in oil prices came in the last few years, since the democrats have been in office.

He gives support for a cap and trade program, something I definitely remember hearing from McCain first.

And, the rest of his spiel goes into artificially creating markets that will not be able to stand without the prop of the government, leading to greater inefficiency and probably cause us to miss out on better, more viable options.

Obama needs to rethink his energy policy if he wants to be seen as a real change candidate.  He needs to move away from these typical government theft programs and programs that John McCain has already supported.  Until then, it’s obvious that he is still more of the same ugly Christmas socks, just in a pretty new package.


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