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What would your mother say?

Posted by Cullin on September 3, 2008

My mother would tell me that she’s disgusted.

With the obviously misogynistic treatment of Sarah Palin put forward by Obama supporters and urged along by the media, bringing up family issues which would have never been asked of a male candidate along with searches for “unseemly” pictures of Governor Palin, it is undeniable that the democrats have abandoned the pro-equality platform they had some how stolen before.
CNN reporter Campbell Brown along with a handful of other liberal media types have been some of the worst perpetrators of these terrible injustices. Whether she and her cohorts took this position on their own, or if it was expected of them by their thinly veiled media conglomerates trying to keep good PR, I would have hoped that these so called reporters would have more integrity then they have shown.  With Brown being a working mother herself, you would think that she would never have fallen into the hands of democrat leaders by criticizing Palin for being a mother who is running for vice-president.  However, she has done everything but straight forwardly say that Palin should be back home, barefoot, and pregnant.  It is truly a set back for every woman who has wanted to have a career and a family.
The dems have suggested that Gov. Palin’s children she be her only concern, and that this campaign will somehow take away from her being a mother. (An argument they so conveniently happened to over look when Obama took the nomination, even though he has two young daughters)  And, then they proceed to personally attack her family as a way to fulfill their own prophecy.  It’s disgusting what these people will do and give up just for party politics.
The democrats have let their fear undermine over a century of progress in women’s rights.  Hillary didn’t get near as much scrutiny because she didn’t pose a threat to the power of high ranking liberals.  Plus, she would have helped perpetuate the facade that the left is the supreme authority on women’s liberation.

But, as soon as Palin came along, who didn’t play by the rules of politics as usual, the democrats were willing to forget all that they had supposedly been fighting for and threw every woman under the bus, in a not so uncharacteristic move.  In an attempt to keep their power, the democrats have been trying to put women back into the kitchen.  Governor Palin, and all Americans cannot let this happen.


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