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I haven’t seen so many assassination attempts since the Soviet Union.

Posted by Cullin on September 6, 2008

The Obama camp was very quick to jump on Stanley Kurtz when he went on Extension 720, a Chicago based talk radio program, to talk about research he was doing related to Obama’s connection with William Ayers.  They claimed that Kurtz was working as a “political hit-man” and was spreading lies because he suggested that Ayers might have been more than just a guy from Obama’s neighborhood.  After all, Obama did have a campaign launched from Ayers’s house.

And, after all of this whining, realizing that there is a legitimate concern for the type of company Obama keeps, they decided to try to redirect attention by smearing Palin with out-right falsehoods.

To date we have:

Trig Palin being the child of Bristol Palin- False

Gov. Palin “slashing” teen pregnancy program funding- False

Gov. Plain’s extramarital affair- False

Gov. Palin’s book burning- False

And, the latest one claims she is racist and sexist- False

Now, there’s obviously no way I can prove that she didn’t ever say that, because one cannot prove a negative of such broad terms.  However, there is absolutely no reason to believe this accusation started by a liberal blogger who professes that he needed to move to Canada to feel politically safe.  Also, if you actually read the article, he never lists a last name, because the waitress conveniently asked to not have it printed.  In fact none of his “sources” were named.  The only names presented in this article besides his own belong to staff at (the URL should give you a hint as to what they do)  The Obama camp has been batting a thousand when it comes to saying one thing and doing another.  So, congrats, I guess.


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