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So, Ike was fun.

Posted by Cullin on September 20, 2008

Well, we just recently got power back at my house and unfortunately I’ve been stuck with ABC news, which I’ve realized should be listing its campaign contributions to Obama.

First, they botched the interview with Palin, putting outright lies and misquotes through out the segment.  Not to mention the amount of arrogance that Gibson portrayed.

Then, I was forced to suffer through about fifteen minutes of ABC claiming McCain has done nothing but flip-flop because of his pragmatic stance on energy policy.  Hello, people.  When there’s not a shortage and you’re not facing much danger from lack of oil supplies, it is possible to believe that the environment is worth more than the money saved, however the economic climate can change, in which case you might have to rethink your stance on environmental issues.  There’s always a point where costs outweigh the benefits.

And, the latest thing I had to see was ABC giving the wives of the dem candidates an open forum to bash Palin, without any sort of moderation, without any questions, and without any scruples.

I guess we can mark this one up as Another Barack Channel.


One Response to “So, Ike was fun.”

  1. What else is there to expect?

    I found it funny that the candidates seemed to have forgotten about Ike just two days after it left.

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