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A long time coming

Posted by Cullin on October 17, 2008

It has been just about two weeks since my latest blog, but I just can’t keep up with all of the crap I’ve seen in the news lately.

Voter fraud is running rampant and no news is reporting it.  Some companies, like the NYTimes are making excuses for it, even saying that making fraud easier would be better.  And, it’s incredibly scary.  If the messiah wins because more people legitimately voted for him, fine.  But, if he and the democrats sieze power because they stole the elections process through fraud, we’ve lost our country.  We’ve moved into a dictatorship.  And, it should be a call to arms.

In other news, the Obama camp is affraid of Joe the Plumber.  You can tell it, the same way they were with Stanley Kurtz investigating Obama’s ties with Weather Underground Terrorist Bill Ayers.  They tried keeping him from ever reading the files of the Chicago Annenberg Project, when he got a hold of those, they tried to keep him from being heard on the radio, and they tried to smear him.  Classic liberal police state policies.  In tried and true democrat fashion, they have once again adopted the mantra, “If you can’t beat him, smear him” (Thanks to Michelle Malkin for that one).

We get it, MSM.  His first name isn’t Joe.  It’s Samuel Joseph Wurzelbacher.  He’s not a licenced plumber, he doesn’t have to be, the company he works for currently needs the licence.  He doesn’t make 250,000 now, so he’ll qualify for the Obama’s fake tax cuts; great, you’re going to punish his social mobility?  Don’t do better for yourself, because we’re going to take it away.  He owes back taxes already, la-dee-fricken-da, Charles Rangel, the demon-crat who writes tax codes was evading taxes and said that he didn’t know.  BS, now pick up the cards.

The moral of the story is that the democrats are going to establish a police state in the US and we can’t do a thing about it because we can’t garner enough of the dead, 12 year old, or fictional character vote.  We’re screwed.


2 Responses to “A long time coming”

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  2. I sympathize with your comment about not being able to keep up. Now that you are, here’s one you might like given the reference to Charlie Rangel. See “It’s always the little things” at

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