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John Cornyn Named NRSC Chairman

Posted by Cullin on November 20, 2008

Yesterday Sen. Cornyn was chosen to lead the republican senatorial committee.  The big job of the senatorial committee is getting republicans elected into senate seats, and this is going to be a huge burden given the current political climate.

What Sen. Cornyn and the rest of the committee needs to do is focus not on winning elections for the pure fact of getting republicans elected, but on making sure that our candidates are running the right ticket.  Every year, after primary polls are closed and we have our great race for the middle, both parties start to turn into one in the same.  And, this is not how we’re going to win elections in the future.

Both George Jr and Sr, and McCain ran on this platform of compromised conservative values.  True, they were closer to conservative than their opponents, but that’s simply not enough.  As the two parties melt into the same philosophy with different animals, Americans become apathetic.  The only way to win with these types of elections is to have the candidate that more people like for a person.

Sure, running for the middle will gain you a lot of the undecided votes and maybe a couple of the opposition, but at what cost?  You lose the core of your party and your strength.  Elections are won by who can turn out the most supporters.  Obviously that sounds almost oversimplified, but the implications thereunto are grave.  The candidate who wins is not necessarily the person who most people would have voted for, but it is the person who had the most supporters actually show up.

When the core of your party is disinterested or feels alienated, you certainly will not have the numbers at the polls that you should have.  This is the latest ailment of the republicans.  As they strive to keep their votes up, they have been saying whatever the polls do.  Sure it seems like the logical thing, but when you’ve loosened your stance on abortion, illegal immigration, gun rights, government spending and government size for the sake of the poll numbers, those who trusted you before will lose their confidence in you.  As a result, you lose those people actually showing up, and worse yet, you lose the influence of those people who would have supported you around their friends and families, which could have been a deciding endorsement.

Hopefully in these next two years, senate republicans will realize the errors they have made and return to the conservative principles of the party we knew under Reagan.


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