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Young Conservatives Do It Right

Posted by Cullin on April 6, 2009

This weekend I attended the 29th annual State Convention for the Young Conservatives of Texas.  As always, the convention was a great opportunity to learn and refresh one’s commitment to principles.    We were lucky enough to host both current Texas Governor Rick Perry and the former Treasurer for Ronald Reagan, Bay Buchanan.  Along with the keynote speakers we had attended several forums on everything from communication to making sure we are able to maintain a majority in Texas.

The event served as a wonderful reminder that just because the election season’s over, it doesn’t mean our work is finished.  If anything, our work has really just begun. With a new POTUS who is farther left than the self proclaimed socialist, and a congress controlled almost completely by the democrats, we are going to be fighting corruption on top of an ideological battle.

With the president firing officers at automobile companies and refusing to accept repayments of bailout money for banks (which is solely so he will be able to retain his control of these companies), and Geithner assuming the ability to set pay rates for private firms, we see our country quickly moving towards Soviet style communism.  Though it’s no surprise to me that this movement is happening, it’s really the ease of which it is occurring that surprises me.  Of course, it’s simple to sink a boat if no one is reporting the leaks.

Never have I heard of American press being so obviously a propaganda tool of the administration.  Matthews constantly has “thrills up [his] leg” at the sound of Obama, and the press fawns over Obama in blue jeans.  Yes, he truly is their messiah, a benevolent leader if you will.  Almost nothing of any bill in congress is being reported on major news networks, and the only time I hear news of tea parties, which show the blatant distaste for the policies of the administration, is when I get an email from some contact who wants to know about the tea parties.  However, the MSM was able to report that Obama gave the Queen of England an iPod.

If we want to see a better future, with liberty and prosperity, and if we don’t want to have the government regulating and mandating all of our actions, we need to all be involved, to stand up and let our voices be heard.  And, if you’re a college student in Texas, YCT is your best way.


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