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Obama’s Nuclear Stupidity

Posted by Cullin on April 6, 2009

Yesterday, North Korea started the testing of Obama’s mettle as predicted in Biden’s famous “Gird your loins” speech with the illegal launching of a missile which could possibly be used to fire long range.  When this was predicted to happen by Biden, he gave us the picture of the all so glorious leader rising to the challenge and quelling any fear that may be in the hearts of the people.  Instead, Obama makes the worst national defense decision since the Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor.

Five hours ago, the Daily Fish Wrap reported that Obama wants to see a United States that is without means to protect ourselves.  He states that in his magical utopia, countries with nuclear weapons will disarm, countries which don’t have them will cease trying to acquire such weapons, and we’ll all run around and play with the majestic unicorn.  Okay, I lied about the unicorns, but the rest of his idea is just as much of a nonsensical farce.
When Obama removes the treat of the nuke to our enemies, he removes all of the deterrent from our would be harm doers.

If Obama truly believes that this sort of national defense is effective I think we would see a much different form of security for the president.  By his theory, he doesn’t need armed secret service officers, because if you don’t have weapons, your enemy will lay them down as well.  Actually, he wouldn’t even need the service, by his theory on international relations, he could simply just get everyone who would want to do him harm to meet him in a room where he could talk.  They could even bring their weapons and their threats, because he doesn’t need any preconditions for meeting with our, or his, enemies.

Obviously, the POTUS wouldn’t take these sorts of lackadaisical security measures for his personal security, why would he do this for an entire nation that he is responsible to protect?


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