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Obama: I’m sorry, America sucks. I hate it, too.

Posted by Cullin on April 7, 2009

Obama is wrapping up his trip to Europe and the G20 meeting, so what was accomplished, what did we learn?

We learned that Obama tries to act tech savvy, he decided to give the Queen of England an iPod most likely because he gave Gordon Brown 25 DVDs with the wrong region code.  Anyone who knows anything about anything knows that DVDs generally don’t transfer across seas, of course, it’s fine because he’s no John McCain, he knows what an iPod is.

But, more importantly, we now know that he really does hate America and it’s values, or he’ll do whatever it takes to appease other countries.  Either way, this is not the kind of leadership we need.

When asked who was to blame for the financial crisis, Obama placed blame on the US, he called Americans arrogant, and belittled the religious institutions of the country.  Now, if Obama wants to throw all of his friends under the bus for political gain during the campaign, that’s fine.  But, now he is the number one elected official of our country, and our face to the rest of the world, his antics of passing the blame are going to do nothing but blemish our report with other countries.

Obama’s international policy will be the downfall of our country if he refuses to take a stand in opposition to foreign leaders.  If not for the president handing our sovereignty and our economy to the UN, his weak appearance on national security (answering N. Korea’s missle launch with allowing American missle defense funding to be slashed) will enourage our enemies to stand up against us.

Sadly not enough people saw this coming during the elections, and now we’re stuck with him for the remainder of his not even 100 day old presidency.  If anything is right in the world, and the democrats haven’t suspended the right to vote, 2010 will lead to a much more conservative congress.


4 Responses to “Obama: I’m sorry, America sucks. I hate it, too.”

  1. […] Obama has apologized for America and given the Queen an iPod…so what have we learned?  Cullin Davis has the scoop: When asked who was to blame for the financial crisis, Obama placed blame on the US, he called […]

  2. John said

    Your headline says Obama said “I’m sorry.” I believe this is a bald-faced lie. I would be interested in the quote where he said “I’m sorry.” I watched the coverage extensively and never heard him say that. I’ve only heard Sean Hannity (rhymes with profanity) lie about it in his hate-filled America-bashing that passes for the conservative viewpoint these days.

  3. Cullin said

    But even you, John, can’t dispute that he said America sucks and he hates the country.

  4. Gorilla said

    Are you kidding? Look, part of being grown up is that if you make a mistake you apologize for it, and if you apologize, your supposed to mean it, i.e. don’t do it again. Here is the deal, we as a country are not infallible, and we do make mistakes. Did we make mistakes? Yes. Do we need to be sorry for them? Yes. Do we need to make an effort to not repeat them? Yes. Just because we as a nation have the capacity to recognize our own mistakes and apologize for them does not mean we are self loathing. It means we are grown-ups. You know, adults… I guess not…

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