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Back, by unpopular demand: Amnesty

Posted by Cullin on April 9, 2009

According to hobo toilet paper, Obama is going to start pushing amnesty on all of us again.  Is this isn’t so much an immigration issue as it is that of a lawless society issue.  We do not reward people for selling drugs, murdering, or speeding just because we can’t stop them, illegally entering our country is not any different.

I do like the idea of simpler immigration, maybe some form of migrant worker program where someone could apply to be in the country for a short period of time to work, there would have to be some logistical things worked out to make it work, but it would still be a much better solution than mass reward for bad deeds.

Our country is in a time of war right now, and knowing who is in our country is pinnacle to our security, and these types of policies will do nothing but undermine that security.

You may ask, “but, Cullin, when we allow these people to become citizens, will not that allow us to know who is here?”

This might sound like it works, but the simple fact is that you will only encourage people to illegally cross the border so that they will be guaranteed a place in the line for legal access to the country, that is if the intruders even want to be a legal citizen.  If we enact these policies, we will surely see an increase in illegal immigration.

The democrats do not have our interest at heart with these types of policies.  The simple fact is that illegal immigrants tend to favor democrats in the voting box, plus they tend to immigrate to democratic states and areas, California being a major one.  This would lead to greater census numbers, and a greater proportion of the electorate come election day.  This isn’t an act of humanitarianism, altruism, justice, or one that would increase the effectiveness of American law, it is simply a way for the democrats to maintain their power in quite nefarious means.

But, the biggest mistake in these policies is the fact that we are rewarding illegal actions.  We can’t find ourselves in a safe or free country when actions which cost others pain to be glorifies and actions which prohibit our pursuit of happiness are demonized.

Mass illegal immigration causes many young men and women to be placed in impoverished areas, where gang and other illegal activities flourish, leading many more people to be influenced by  these sorts of activities, putting these children and everyone in a near area in more danger for life or property.  It is not that illegal immigrant automatically equals evil-doer, but illegal immigrant does almost always equal of little means, which causes both the immigrants and their children to increase the number of people at risk of becoming involved in illegal activities.

This sort of immigration also acts as a way to mask, not of their own volition, the entrance of those who do wish to do harm to those in the US.  When we have this many people crossing the border without documentation, we inevitably miss many of those who should not, under any circumstances, be allowed into the country.  Many of the terrorist involved in the September 11th attack were here illegally because we did not have the resources to actively pursue  those who wish to do us harm.

Under Obama’s plan for America, all of this is to be exonerated, even exalted, while those who work hard for their property, using their faculties given to them by Providence to build whatever they have, are finding their treasures plundered by the government in the name of egalitarianism, a false philanthropy.  And, those who do try to come to our country legally will be treated the most unfairly, having to wait for many months, and sometimes even being denied, because they wished to follow our laws.

Immigration and immigrants are great for our country.  It provides a great amount of human capital in America, it builds on the glory that is a country of the free, where one can come to escape the multitude of dictators and instability in other countries.  And, in May, when Obama starts pedaling this to congress, we all need to call our representatives in Washington and let them know that we stand for a just society, where good deeds are not punished, and theft of resources is not deemed noble.  We need to let our representatives know that we stand for the sanctity of the American dream, and that we want to protect the rights of all of our citizens, native born or naturalized.


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