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Note on Cuban Relations

Posted by Cullin on April 9, 2009

With the Congressional Black Caucus’s trip to Cuba this last week, and their glowing review of the Castro Bros. the question of whether or not we should lift the embargo on Cuba, allowing travel to and trade with the country.  The answer is unequivocally “no”.

Both of the Castro dictators are guilty of terrible human rights violations, imprisoning many of their own people for political reasons.  These Cuban Gulags are not the pristine, friendly prisons we have in the US.  The political prisoners in Cuba are held in deplorable conditions and tortured constantly for their opposition to the dictatorship.

Many people say that the embargo on Cuba is only hurting the US and the citizens of Cuba, not the actual government.  I say this is wrong.  Lifting the embargo will only provide Castro with more capital to line his pockets, pay guards, and continue to oppress his people.

There is also claim that if we allow free travel into Cuba, he will be forced to lessen his atrocities against his own people.  But, as Rep. Chris Smith pointed out, just before and during the Olympics, the world went to China, and the Chinese government only cracked down harder on political dissidents.

We need to have a policy towards Cuba which promotes freedom.  We need to support the dissidents, and make sure that opposition isn’t punished by Castro.  We don’t need to encourage the dictatorship, we don’t need our representatives giving the secret police a glowing review when they come back stateside.  I would love to see a world were we are able to freely cross the boarder into Cuba.  However, there will have to be massive changes in the way the country governs its people.  There will have to be a free Cuba.


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