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Racism Circus

Posted by Cullin on April 18, 2009

Over at CBS, they have the story of how the Obama administration will be boycotting a UN racism meeting. I think this is the right action for the US. See, I can agree with Obama. The story here is the nature of the UN, and for what it is being used.

This meeting on racism is being used as a forum for countries to verbalize how much they hate Israel and the west. In 2001, when the Bush administration sent a delegation to the meeting, they had to walk out in the middle after a resolution was used to equate Zionism with racism and singled out Israel for criticism.

The UN is supposed to be an organization where countries have a fair representation, however it has turned into an organization that is used to punish the west and developed countries to prop up dictators in other countries. Do we need to drop membership in the UN? I don’t know, I really doubt it. But, there is a need for a restructuring.


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