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Public School Tyranny

Posted by Cullin on April 20, 2009

For anyone who has a stake in public education in Texas, you need to take notice of SB 2275. What this bill will do is effectively render the State Board of Education (SBOE) powerless, and by extension the citizens of Texas powerless in education.

Currently, decisions on text books used, curriculum, and other class room related items are handled by an elected SBOE, these board members represent us and allow us to have a say in the workings of public education in Texas. What this bill would do is transfer this power to an appointed commissioner of education, taking away the public voice in education.

While this may not cause a problem now, because we have by all accounts a good commissioner of education. However in the future this could be detrimental to any hope of oversight on public schools. We won’t have the ability to vote out members whom we believe to be unable to dutifully carry-out their incumbent duties and we will be stuck with a single person who will have the sole power of choosing what our students learn.

The power granted to one person in this bill would make Stalin jealous. And we need to make sure that our tax money is spent how we intend it to, and that the future of our children won’t be at the mercy of some faceless bureaucrat.

Take action today:
Senate Committee on Education
Chair: Sen. Florence Shapiro 512-463-0108 (SD8-Plano-R, )
Vice Chair: Sen. Dan Patrick 512-463-0107 (SD7-Houston-R, )
Sen. Kip Averitt 512-463-0122 (SD22-Waco-R, )
Sen. Wendy Davis 512-463-0110 (SD10-Ft.Worth-D, )
Sen. Mario Gallegos, Jr. 512-463-0106 (SD6-Galena Park-D, )
Sen. Steve Ogden 512-463-0105 (SD5-Bryan-R, )
Sen. Leticia Van de Putte 512-463-0126 (SD26-San Antonio-D, )
Sen. Royce West 512-463-0123 (SD23-Dallas-D, )
Sen. Tommy Williams 512-463-0104 (SD4-The Woodlands-R, )


One Response to “Public School Tyranny”

  1. I live in Texas and I don’t remember any hubbub about this.

    I believe that it is fascist enough that government officials and politicians should decide what’s history and what’s not history, as well as what views to express and which not to express, and what’s important enough to teach and what’s not.

    Government education in general is a corrupt idea.

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