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High Schools To Become Reeducation Camps

Posted by Cullin on May 1, 2009

Seriously, the working group assigned to Social Studies TEKS drafted this up?

First grade:
• In the section on holidays, customs, and celebrations, it removes Independence Day and Veterans’ Day.
• In the section on holidays, customs, and celebrations, it removes anthems and mottoes of Texas and the United States.
• In the list of character traits of good citizenship, it removes “a belief in justice and truth.”
• Removes the Liberty Bell from the list of patriotic symbols.

Third Grade
• Removes references to Daniel Boone, Pecos Bill, Paul Bunyan, and Robinson Crusoe.
• Adds many new names including: Grace Hopper, Margaret Knight, Quanah Parker, Dr. Hector P. Garcia, Maya Lin, Maya Angelou, Sandra Cisneros, Kadir Nelson, Jean Pinkey, Angela Shelf Medear, Elisabet Ney, Carmen Lomas Garza, and Bill Martin.
Fourth Grade
• Removes the suggested selection of a children’s biography of Stephen F. Austin.

High School
• Removes John Locke’s Two Treatises of Government and English common law.
• In the section on economics, changes the phrase “free enterprise system” to “capitalist system.”
• In the section on science, technology, and society, removes the reference to the private sector as helping improve consumer products and only mentions government-assisted research.
• In the section on science, technology, and society, replaces the phrase “analyze how policies fostering competition and entrepreneurship have resulted in scientific discoveries and technological innovations” with the “U.S. Constitution protects scientific discoveries and technological innovations.”

This is just ridiculous. There’s not even a subtle attempt to push liberal agendas in there. Of course, our students don’t need to know about Locke’s writings, they were only kind of really important in influencing the foundation of our country. And, we all know that the only research and innovation in our country comes from state assisted research. God knows there’s not an economic incentive to do so, and that people haven’t been freely innovating without the government for millions of years now. No, all that economic theory that people have spent their entire life studying, developing, and teaching is just the inane thoughts of crazy extremists.

I really hope that someone at the SBOE is able to get this situation cleared up before it becomes law and our children are subject to this pure propaganda of the left.


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Busy, Busy, Busy

Posted by Cullin on April 29, 2009

With finals and what not, it has been really busy on my end.

Specter changes party? Suprise, not. This guy has been a democrat for all intents and purposes for a while now, it’s not like we’re actually losing anything here. The guy is just trying to save political face, he even went as far as to say that he wouldn’t let his fate be decided by the electorate of the republican party. Actually, he was poised to have a lot of power, with democrats knowing that he would could potentially vote for them, and republicans hoping that they could get him on their side, he would be able to get a lot of concessions on both sides for his district, but it’s whatever. I never said he was very bright.

On another note, I’m kind of excited that swine flu will be the down fall of our society. Of course, it won’t be. It’s just another prime crisis that the White House is going to try to exploit to pass it’s desired agenda.

Surely there will be more government intervention and control of your life in the wake of swine flu, but what kind is still up in the air. I guess we’ll just have to wait and see.

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Obligatory Earth Day Blog

Posted by Cullin on April 22, 2009

Today we celebrate the destruction of man kind in hopes of saving the environment.  And, this is exactly what environmentalists want to do.

To your average environmentalists, the planet is worth more than man kind.  Some people want to say that plants and animals have a value of equal value to humans, and as such we should try to make sure they survive also.  However, your typical environmental activists actually believe that plants and animals have a value greater than their fellow people, and would gladly sacrifice us for the sake of some sole fungus in the deep reaches of South America.

Now, let me take some time to clear up my thoughts.  Yes, we should avoid waste and pollute as little as possible.  But, we also need to make sure that we don’t allow people to suffer needlessly as we do so.

A lot of people think that we can enact environmental legislation without affecting many, if any people.  However, the opposite of this is what actually happens.

The best example of this is the use of ethanol in gasoline in the United States.  The entire US, after fear of global warming caused the federal government to pass the Energy Policy Act of 2005,  is required the use of ethanol for an additive in fuel.  Since corn is the major player in American ethanol, the demand for it was pushed way up after this law.  This caused the price of corn to rise.  And, since corn is a staple crop in Mexico, when the price for corn rose as much as it did in the name of environmentalism, Mexican citizens starved.  The worst part about this is that the environmentalists who fought so hard for this law, and others like it, have never and probably never will see this effect of their goals.  Or, they just do not care that their values are causing so much pain in other parts of the world.

Beliefs of anthropocentric global warming pose to cause the same type of calamity.  As pointed out in Lomborg’s “Cool It”, even if we were able to follow Kyoto Protocol perfectly, we would waste a lot of money world wide to only delay the full effects of global warming for a short time.  We would be much better using this money to invest in infrastructure to deal with rising water, cures for malaria and other problems that are expected to arise in the area’s that would be most affected by a changing climate.  And, the free market would do this on it’s own, people would recognize the problem and find a way to fix it.  However, Kyoto Protocol is only going to cost industrialized nations millions of dollars, and LDCs millions upon millions of lives because of the aide and normal development which cannot happen due to misuse of resources.

I mean, this is if they can ever decide if it’s “global warming” or just “climate change” or whatever they’re going to call it next.

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Public School Tyranny

Posted by Cullin on April 20, 2009

For anyone who has a stake in public education in Texas, you need to take notice of SB 2275. What this bill will do is effectively render the State Board of Education (SBOE) powerless, and by extension the citizens of Texas powerless in education.

Currently, decisions on text books used, curriculum, and other class room related items are handled by an elected SBOE, these board members represent us and allow us to have a say in the workings of public education in Texas. What this bill would do is transfer this power to an appointed commissioner of education, taking away the public voice in education.

While this may not cause a problem now, because we have by all accounts a good commissioner of education. However in the future this could be detrimental to any hope of oversight on public schools. We won’t have the ability to vote out members whom we believe to be unable to dutifully carry-out their incumbent duties and we will be stuck with a single person who will have the sole power of choosing what our students learn.

The power granted to one person in this bill would make Stalin jealous. And we need to make sure that our tax money is spent how we intend it to, and that the future of our children won’t be at the mercy of some faceless bureaucrat.

Take action today:
Senate Committee on Education
Chair: Sen. Florence Shapiro 512-463-0108 (SD8-Plano-R, )
Vice Chair: Sen. Dan Patrick 512-463-0107 (SD7-Houston-R, )
Sen. Kip Averitt 512-463-0122 (SD22-Waco-R, )
Sen. Wendy Davis 512-463-0110 (SD10-Ft.Worth-D, )
Sen. Mario Gallegos, Jr. 512-463-0106 (SD6-Galena Park-D, )
Sen. Steve Ogden 512-463-0105 (SD5-Bryan-R, )
Sen. Leticia Van de Putte 512-463-0126 (SD26-San Antonio-D, )
Sen. Royce West 512-463-0123 (SD23-Dallas-D, )
Sen. Tommy Williams 512-463-0104 (SD4-The Woodlands-R, )

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Giving into Federal Control

Posted by Cullin on April 18, 2009

Sometime between one and two this morning, while the Texas legislature was debating the budget for the next biennium, one representative brought up the notion that when they don’t have the stimulus money from the federal government, they will have to make “tough decisions” in the future.

These tough decisions would not have to be made in the future if the Texas legislature would just make the right decision now and not take the stimulus money from the federal government. The legislature has two big problems they will face with the acceptance of the Obama administration’s bribe and payback money: First, they are going to see themselves without the money in 2011. And, second, they will be giving up their sovereignty as a state legislature.

Our legislature does a funny thing that’s extremely inconsistent with normal human activity, they don’t spend based on future expected income. As pointed out by Milton Friedman, people spend money based on the income they expect to earn in the future. This is why you will see college students rack up debt to attend college, they plan to be able to make enough money from future wages to justify the current debt. And, this is why government spending sprees like the ones started by Bush and proliferated by Obama do not work to end a recession. When people get an unexpected check in the mail, above and beyond normal tax returns, from the government they save it or use it to pay off credit cards, which is really just a back door form of saving, because that money was already spent. This money doesn’t create new revenue for many people, and the taxes incurred (whether through inflation or straight forward) needed to pay for this spending will cause a crowding out effect that completely negates any new spending or investment, possibly even to the point of reducing spending and investment.

What our legislature does, instead of realizing that the money they are receiving from the federal government won’t be here in the future and tomorrow, they won’t be able to pay for new programs they start today. So, they go spending our money all willy-nilly without regard to what they are going to have to do in the future when their money runs out Either that or they are planning on more federal government money which is a dangerous precedent.

If the Texas legislature is going to depend on the federal government for money to fund its actions, it will become dependent on the federal government to sustain itself. And, to paraphrase Frederic Bastiat, when your financial sustainability is dependent on the government any freedom is purely illusory. In the same manner, when the state government depends on the federal money to sustain its programs, any autonomy of the state is purely illusory.

The Texas legislature needs to be making a point that they will be keeping their power as a state government to govern over the state and will not be accepting federal bribe money.

Support the sovereignty of states, call the House Committee on State Affairs, (512) 463-0814, and say yes on HCR 50 .

Also, check out the petition at Empower Texans.

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Huffin-gas Post Doesn’t Know Anything

Posted by Cullin on April 16, 2009

I was going through the pictures that they claimed were the most offensive. And, for a picture with two Battle of Gonzales flags, they said that one had a “dead body” on it. Of course, it is a cannon. If anyone at the huff-poo knew anything about American history they would have quickly picked up on that, but these over zealous liberals, who can’t tell their ass from a whole in the ground, much less a cannon from a dead body, just let it pass and posted it.

Bad form, guys. Bad form.

Screen shot before they pull it, but I doubt they will

Screen shot before they pull it, but I doubt they will

Here's an image of the so-called dead body

Here's an image of the so-called dead body

And, don’t actually go there, but here’s the link.

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Say “no” to proposed smoking ban

Posted by Cullin on April 14, 2009

The Texas legislature had bills introduced that would enact a state wide smoking ban. This is a terrible idea for Texas.

Smoking bans are yet another form of the government trying to protect us from ourselves, which is an egregious overstepping of the bounds of government. This smoking ban would only limit the ability of businesses to do what they feel is right for their business.

People should be allowed to make decisions for themselves and not simply put under the rule of a central planning politburo. When choosing how to spend our paychecks, we should have the option of giving our hard earned money to places which do or do not cater towards smokers.

No one has ever been forced to go to a restaurant which allows others to smoke, any such decision was made on a personal level. Similarly, the citizens of Texas should not be forced to patron establishments which are unwilling to allow smoking.

If anything, this is only going to harm businesses that have frequent business from smokers. These places will see a drop of income from people who don’t want to have to work around a law, and will choose to instead stay home. This will be lost revenue in state sales taxes and quite possibly jobs at restaurants and bars.

What other groups will the state start discriminating against if this law is to pass. Will we not be able to drive cars that don’t get at least 30 miles a gallon, because the emissions might possibly harm someone. Will restaurants not be able to sell meat, because it might cause a heart attack?

It’s a slippery slope towards outright social engineering with these types of regulations, and we need to not allow our elected officials in Austin let these bills pass.

Call your representatives and let them know that you are against a state wide ban on smoking.

h/t Laura Elizabeth Morales

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Obama, the best friend of tyranny

Posted by Cullin on April 13, 2009

Well, we knew that the CBC’s trip to Cuba was going to be the pilot fish for some larger change from the Whitehouse. I figured that he was planning on surrendering the US to the control of the Castro Bros, but apparently that isn’t until next week.

What is doing, however, is helping to subsidize torture, dictatorship, and oppression in the communist country.

President Obama directed his administration Monday to allow unlimited travel and money transfers by Cuban Americans to family in Cuba, a decision that drew quick criticism from two Cuban-American congressmen.  
Presidential spokesman Robert Gibbs and presidential aide Dan Restrepo made the announcement during his daily briefing with reporters, ahead of the president’s attendance this weekend at a Summit of the Americas in Trinidad and Tobago.
“The president is taking some concrete steps today to bring about some much needed change that will benefit the people of Cuba, that will increase the freedom they have and more importantly to allow Cuban Americans to see their families and send them money,” Gibbs said.
“We want to increase the flow among Cubans and between Cubans and the outside world,” Restrepo, a special assistant to the president for western hemisphere affairs, said.

As pointed out by Reps. Lincoln Diaz-Balart of Florida and Mario Diaz-Balart, all this is going to do is inject more money into the centralized economy of Cuba, and much like the Soviets were doing, help the government subjugate the people.

“President Obama has committed a serious mistake by unilaterally increasing Cuban-American travel and remittance dollars for the Cuban dictatorship,” they said in a joint statement.  
“This dictatorship is one of the most brutal in the world,” added Florida GOP Rep. Connie Mack. “The U.S. economic embargo must remain in place until tyranny gives way to freedom and democracy. At the same time, we should find ways to strengthen the bonds of families torn apart by the Castro regime simply because of family members who yearn for freedom.”

Restrepo also states in the article that we should get out of the business of trying to influence the government of Cube, but I’m almost certain that if he asked any of the political prisoners of Castro, that they would have a quite different view of what the US government’s involvement in the matter should be.

I’m not opposed to communication to and from the country, and I’m not opposed to building family ties between those who are stuck under the regime of Castro and those lucky enough to get out. However, I am vehemently against helping the Cuban government terrorize its people.

Full story here.

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U.S. Captain Freed

Posted by Cullin on April 12, 2009

In some good news on Easter morning, the long held US captain was freed after the Navy was able to launch a successful rescue mission. More here.

Though it was a successful mission, his rescue does have a down point. It showed that Obama is willing to negotiate with terrorist. He has shown the world that if you attack American citizens, that our leader is going to roll over and appease you as long as he can.

This is a dangerous precedent that will only lead to more piracy and more emboldened doers of evil.

But don’t worry, we have a cute new name for the “man-man disasters”.

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Good Friday Post

Posted by Cullin on April 10, 2009

It’s Easter weekend, so I’m probably going to take a break for the next two days, although, I will be blogging for lazy people here.

Also, check out: Laura Elizabeth Morales or the Blue Dot Blues

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