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Huffin-gas Post Doesn’t Know Anything

Posted by Cullin on April 16, 2009

I was going through the pictures that they claimed were the most offensive. And, for a picture with two Battle of Gonzales flags, they said that one had a “dead body” on it. Of course, it is a cannon. If anyone at the huff-poo knew anything about American history they would have quickly picked up on that, but these over zealous liberals, who can’t tell their ass from a whole in the ground, much less a cannon from a dead body, just let it pass and posted it.

Bad form, guys. Bad form.

Screen shot before they pull it, but I doubt they will

Screen shot before they pull it, but I doubt they will

Here's an image of the so-called dead body

Here's an image of the so-called dead body

And, don’t actually go there, but here’s the link.


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Say “no” to proposed smoking ban

Posted by Cullin on April 14, 2009

The Texas legislature had bills introduced that would enact a state wide smoking ban. This is a terrible idea for Texas.

Smoking bans are yet another form of the government trying to protect us from ourselves, which is an egregious overstepping of the bounds of government. This smoking ban would only limit the ability of businesses to do what they feel is right for their business.

People should be allowed to make decisions for themselves and not simply put under the rule of a central planning politburo. When choosing how to spend our paychecks, we should have the option of giving our hard earned money to places which do or do not cater towards smokers.

No one has ever been forced to go to a restaurant which allows others to smoke, any such decision was made on a personal level. Similarly, the citizens of Texas should not be forced to patron establishments which are unwilling to allow smoking.

If anything, this is only going to harm businesses that have frequent business from smokers. These places will see a drop of income from people who don’t want to have to work around a law, and will choose to instead stay home. This will be lost revenue in state sales taxes and quite possibly jobs at restaurants and bars.

What other groups will the state start discriminating against if this law is to pass. Will we not be able to drive cars that don’t get at least 30 miles a gallon, because the emissions might possibly harm someone. Will restaurants not be able to sell meat, because it might cause a heart attack?

It’s a slippery slope towards outright social engineering with these types of regulations, and we need to not allow our elected officials in Austin let these bills pass.

Call your representatives and let them know that you are against a state wide ban on smoking.

h/t Laura Elizabeth Morales

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Obama, the best friend of tyranny

Posted by Cullin on April 13, 2009

Well, we knew that the CBC’s trip to Cuba was going to be the pilot fish for some larger change from the Whitehouse. I figured that he was planning on surrendering the US to the control of the Castro Bros, but apparently that isn’t until next week.

What is doing, however, is helping to subsidize torture, dictatorship, and oppression in the communist country.

President Obama directed his administration Monday to allow unlimited travel and money transfers by Cuban Americans to family in Cuba, a decision that drew quick criticism from two Cuban-American congressmen.  
Presidential spokesman Robert Gibbs and presidential aide Dan Restrepo made the announcement during his daily briefing with reporters, ahead of the president’s attendance this weekend at a Summit of the Americas in Trinidad and Tobago.
“The president is taking some concrete steps today to bring about some much needed change that will benefit the people of Cuba, that will increase the freedom they have and more importantly to allow Cuban Americans to see their families and send them money,” Gibbs said.
“We want to increase the flow among Cubans and between Cubans and the outside world,” Restrepo, a special assistant to the president for western hemisphere affairs, said.

As pointed out by Reps. Lincoln Diaz-Balart of Florida and Mario Diaz-Balart, all this is going to do is inject more money into the centralized economy of Cuba, and much like the Soviets were doing, help the government subjugate the people.

“President Obama has committed a serious mistake by unilaterally increasing Cuban-American travel and remittance dollars for the Cuban dictatorship,” they said in a joint statement.  
“This dictatorship is one of the most brutal in the world,” added Florida GOP Rep. Connie Mack. “The U.S. economic embargo must remain in place until tyranny gives way to freedom and democracy. At the same time, we should find ways to strengthen the bonds of families torn apart by the Castro regime simply because of family members who yearn for freedom.”

Restrepo also states in the article that we should get out of the business of trying to influence the government of Cube, but I’m almost certain that if he asked any of the political prisoners of Castro, that they would have a quite different view of what the US government’s involvement in the matter should be.

I’m not opposed to communication to and from the country, and I’m not opposed to building family ties between those who are stuck under the regime of Castro and those lucky enough to get out. However, I am vehemently against helping the Cuban government terrorize its people.

Full story here.

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U.S. Captain Freed

Posted by Cullin on April 12, 2009

In some good news on Easter morning, the long held US captain was freed after the Navy was able to launch a successful rescue mission. More here.

Though it was a successful mission, his rescue does have a down point. It showed that Obama is willing to negotiate with terrorist. He has shown the world that if you attack American citizens, that our leader is going to roll over and appease you as long as he can.

This is a dangerous precedent that will only lead to more piracy and more emboldened doers of evil.

But don’t worry, we have a cute new name for the “man-man disasters”.

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More Wasteful Spending on “Green” Energy

Posted by Cullin on April 11, 2009

Well, I tried staying away, but then I found this article in the Houston Chronicle.

A coalition of energy companies hopes to reinvigorate the market for funding renewable energy projects by creating a government-backed “green bank” to serve as a conduit for billions of dollars in federal loans.

Under the plan, outlined in federal legislation sponsored by Rep. Chris Van Hollen, D-Md., the bank would be an independent, wholly owned corporation of the federal government focused solely on loaning money to a range of projects deemed to promote clean energy.

These could include power lines to connect remote wind turbines with areas of high demand, landfill methane capture projects and refineries that turn organic material into fuels.

The bill also includes funds for new nuclear power plants but only if other funding programs that might be open to those projects are exhausted.

With an initial $10 billion in capital raised through the sale of U.S. Treasury bonds, the bank could support loans many times that amount, said Todd Filsinger, co-chair of the Coalition for Green Bank and head of PA Consulting Group’s Energy Capital Markets business.

“The bank is not meant to compete with private lenders but is meant to be complementary,” Filsinger said. “It could provide the kind of assistance needed to get renewable infrastructure projects built on a constant basis for a number of years.”

This is not the kind of action we need from our government.  This “Green Bank” is only going to be throwing more money away at something that sounds warm and fuzzy, and like it would be a good idea, but in reality is something that isn’t going to work.

The Green Bank will be just another entity like Fannie Mae or Freddy Mac.  Much like the government needed these two institutions to lure banks into giving risky loans to people who could not afford them (and ultimately cause the financial crisis), they will be using the new Green Bank to prop up an industry, which is not viable, with our tax money.

But, this isn’t the end of your money going towards “green” energy.

…government funding for such work is expected to surge, both in the U.S. and abroad, thanks to efforts to stimulate the world economy. Of $2.6 trillion in economic stimulus spending the largest nations have committed, nearly $400 billion is aimed at projects like renewable energy sources and energy efficiency, according to a report released by the German Foreign Office during the G20 Summit in London this month.

The U.S. stimulus package has committed more than $10 billion to renewables for research and development and loan guarantees, but it can take a while for such funds to wend through the system and be put to work.

Our government will be doubling down their commitment (to a total of over $20,000,000,000) towards energy companies that won’t be able to support themselves for many, many years at the expense of your paycheck, of your children’s paychecks, and of companies that are actually good at what they do and can support themselves.

I would encourage you to call your representatives and let them know that wasteful spending on pipe dreams is not how we’re going to get out of a recession.  It will only prolong our problem, and cost many more jobs.

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Good Friday Post

Posted by Cullin on April 10, 2009

It’s Easter weekend, so I’m probably going to take a break for the next two days, although, I will be blogging for lazy people here.

Also, check out: Laura Elizabeth Morales or the Blue Dot Blues

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Note on Cuban Relations

Posted by Cullin on April 9, 2009

With the Congressional Black Caucus’s trip to Cuba this last week, and their glowing review of the Castro Bros. the question of whether or not we should lift the embargo on Cuba, allowing travel to and trade with the country.  The answer is unequivocally “no”.

Both of the Castro dictators are guilty of terrible human rights violations, imprisoning many of their own people for political reasons.  These Cuban Gulags are not the pristine, friendly prisons we have in the US.  The political prisoners in Cuba are held in deplorable conditions and tortured constantly for their opposition to the dictatorship.

Many people say that the embargo on Cuba is only hurting the US and the citizens of Cuba, not the actual government.  I say this is wrong.  Lifting the embargo will only provide Castro with more capital to line his pockets, pay guards, and continue to oppress his people.

There is also claim that if we allow free travel into Cuba, he will be forced to lessen his atrocities against his own people.  But, as Rep. Chris Smith pointed out, just before and during the Olympics, the world went to China, and the Chinese government only cracked down harder on political dissidents.

We need to have a policy towards Cuba which promotes freedom.  We need to support the dissidents, and make sure that opposition isn’t punished by Castro.  We don’t need to encourage the dictatorship, we don’t need our representatives giving the secret police a glowing review when they come back stateside.  I would love to see a world were we are able to freely cross the boarder into Cuba.  However, there will have to be massive changes in the way the country governs its people.  There will have to be a free Cuba.

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I’m not always a Negative Nelly.

Posted by Cullin on April 9, 2009

In good news today, the Commie News Network is reporting that even fewer people support stricter gun countrols, down 15 percentage points from 54% in 2001 to 39% today.  Of course, C(CCP)NN tries to blame recent shootings on not enough gun control, but surely people realize that spoons didn’t make Micheal Moore fat.

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Back, by unpopular demand: Amnesty

Posted by Cullin on April 9, 2009

According to hobo toilet paper, Obama is going to start pushing amnesty on all of us again.  Is this isn’t so much an immigration issue as it is that of a lawless society issue.  We do not reward people for selling drugs, murdering, or speeding just because we can’t stop them, illegally entering our country is not any different.

I do like the idea of simpler immigration, maybe some form of migrant worker program where someone could apply to be in the country for a short period of time to work, there would have to be some logistical things worked out to make it work, but it would still be a much better solution than mass reward for bad deeds.

Our country is in a time of war right now, and knowing who is in our country is pinnacle to our security, and these types of policies will do nothing but undermine that security.

You may ask, “but, Cullin, when we allow these people to become citizens, will not that allow us to know who is here?”

This might sound like it works, but the simple fact is that you will only encourage people to illegally cross the border so that they will be guaranteed a place in the line for legal access to the country, that is if the intruders even want to be a legal citizen.  If we enact these policies, we will surely see an increase in illegal immigration.

The democrats do not have our interest at heart with these types of policies.  The simple fact is that illegal immigrants tend to favor democrats in the voting box, plus they tend to immigrate to democratic states and areas, California being a major one.  This would lead to greater census numbers, and a greater proportion of the electorate come election day.  This isn’t an act of humanitarianism, altruism, justice, or one that would increase the effectiveness of American law, it is simply a way for the democrats to maintain their power in quite nefarious means.

But, the biggest mistake in these policies is the fact that we are rewarding illegal actions.  We can’t find ourselves in a safe or free country when actions which cost others pain to be glorifies and actions which prohibit our pursuit of happiness are demonized.

Mass illegal immigration causes many young men and women to be placed in impoverished areas, where gang and other illegal activities flourish, leading many more people to be influenced by  these sorts of activities, putting these children and everyone in a near area in more danger for life or property.  It is not that illegal immigrant automatically equals evil-doer, but illegal immigrant does almost always equal of little means, which causes both the immigrants and their children to increase the number of people at risk of becoming involved in illegal activities.

This sort of immigration also acts as a way to mask, not of their own volition, the entrance of those who do wish to do harm to those in the US.  When we have this many people crossing the border without documentation, we inevitably miss many of those who should not, under any circumstances, be allowed into the country.  Many of the terrorist involved in the September 11th attack were here illegally because we did not have the resources to actively pursue  those who wish to do us harm.

Under Obama’s plan for America, all of this is to be exonerated, even exalted, while those who work hard for their property, using their faculties given to them by Providence to build whatever they have, are finding their treasures plundered by the government in the name of egalitarianism, a false philanthropy.  And, those who do try to come to our country legally will be treated the most unfairly, having to wait for many months, and sometimes even being denied, because they wished to follow our laws.

Immigration and immigrants are great for our country.  It provides a great amount of human capital in America, it builds on the glory that is a country of the free, where one can come to escape the multitude of dictators and instability in other countries.  And, in May, when Obama starts pedaling this to congress, we all need to call our representatives in Washington and let them know that we stand for a just society, where good deeds are not punished, and theft of resources is not deemed noble.  We need to let our representatives know that we stand for the sanctity of the American dream, and that we want to protect the rights of all of our citizens, native born or naturalized.

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Democrats now Am-Coms

Posted by Cullin on April 7, 2009

A group of congressional democrats traveled to Cuba to apparently help usher in the new era of Marxism in America.  This congressional delegation had nothing but glowing remarks about the communist country.  From Fox News

“For the past 50 years, the United States has been swimming in the Caribbean Sea of delusion,” said Rep. Emanuel Cleaver, D-Mo., who described the United States as “the isolated nation” compared to European countries which have diplomatic ties with Havana.

“This is the dawning of a new day,” Rep. Bobby Rush, D-Ill., declared. “Fifty years of foolishness is over. It’s time for the children to sit in the corner and the adults to take over.”

Rush was one of three members of the delegation to meet with Fidel Castro. A meeting with his brother, Cuban leader Raul Castro, took place Monday.

Tuesday afternoon, the Cuban government released a statement that it indicated was Fidel Castro’s assessment of a session he had with the lawmakers. In the statement, Castro said that one of the Members of Congress told him that the United States should “apologize” to Cuba. And another lawmaker told the former leader that despite the victory by President Obama, U.S. society is still “racist.”

All members of the delegation denied that those two exchanges took place during their time with Fidel Castro.

The lawmakers encouraged the U.S. to launch a dialogue with Cuba and relieve trade and modify a 47-year-old American trade embargo against the island nation.

“You can’t not talk to people and expect to get a desirable result,” said Rep. Mel Watt, D-N.C., who added that the embargo “was not effective.”

Rep. Laura Richardson, D-Calif., was one of three lawmakers who requested and met with Fidel Castro. She described him as alert and said the former Cuban dictator “looked directly into our eyes, quite aware of what was happening. He said to us, ‘how can we help President Obama?'”

Rush indicated that it was time for Washington to remove Cuba from the list of terrorist nations. Rush dismissed Cuba as a security threat to the United States. He said that when he was a member of the Black Panthers in the 1960s, former FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover warned that his organization as “the number one threat to national security.

“So I know foolhardy approaches and asinine labels when I see them, ” said Rush. “American people need to be told the truth and they have been lied to for too long about the threat from Cuba.”

Both Rep. Rush, an ordained Baptist minister, and Rep. Cleaver, a Methodist pastor, delivered sermons at churches while in Cuba.

The CBC members conceded there were limited discussions about human rights abuses in Cuba.

“We didn’t talk about it much,” said Rep. Marcia Fudge, D-Ohio. “You don’t go into someone’s house and insult them.”

But Congressional Black Caucus Chairwoman Barbara Lee, D-Calif., who led the delegation said that Raul Castro indicated to her that “everything’s on the table.”

“Two sovereign nations should be able to sit down and talk about their differences, ” Lee said.

The U.S. Air Force flew the Congressional Black Caucus delegation directly to Havana and not the American military base at Guantanamo Bay. The Air Force then gave each lawmaker a pin featuring adjoining American and Cuban flags to help identify them as members of the delegation.

Obviously Obama isn’t the only democrat who doesn’t understand the nature of the world.  To think our elected representatives would apologize to a man who has killed many thousands for his political gain and keeps his people in disparaging poverty.

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